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Les Trois Cuvees was the original name for the wine launched in Sydney in 1989.

Which those in the trade knew as the L.T.C. A few years later the French started

dropping atom bombs in the pacific. Anything that contained a connotation to being

associated with the French was dead in the water. So the name was changed to Pierro

Semillon Sauvigon Blanc. But people kept asking about where the 'L.T.C.' had gone.

So, the name was changed to Semillon Sauvignon Blane L.T.C.

Although the name L.T.C. originally stood for 'Les Trois Cuvees'. Over time at

cellar door numerous guests postulated on what L.T.C. was an acronym for. Was it

"Love and Tender Care?" or possibly

" Luck, Trust, Creation?"

One day in summer a lady arrived and asked whether L.T.C. stood for

"a Little Touch of Chardonnay' and the staff member serving said replied with

"well yes, I guess it does"

Moving forward 15 years and L.T.C. standing for a little touch of Chardonnay had

stuck. So much that most people drinking it just called it by the letters. The way the

wine was made and the complex nature of its composition meant that it was far

different to any normal kind of Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. This was something more,

something different, something unique. Semillon Sauvignon Blanc was cut from the

label and L.T.C. remains to this day.


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