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Pierrot, the original sad clown, is a much loved character of European

pantomime. Forever chasing an impossible dream, Pierrot is in love with the

beautiful Columbine who usually breaks his heart and runs off with

Harlequin, leaving Pierrot heartbroken and wistful, wiping a tear from his

eye, but never quite crushing his naively hopeful spirit.

My family name, Peterkin, originally comes from Scotland and means: "Son

of Peter" or "Little Peter" or "Son of the Rock". The French equivalent is

Pierrot. (We dropped the 't' as it may have been pronounced by some as


When I planted the first grapevines the soil was covered in rock and it was

difficult and expensive and quite a struggle to establish the vineyard and only

a part tragic, part comic romantic character with a surname of Peterkin

would have persisted.

There is also more than a touch of this character in our winemaking, where

we are always striving for elusive perfection.

-Mike Peterkin

תגובה אחת

You are a legend Michael 👍

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